“Between 1672 and 1712 in London and at least two of the suburban or rural areas near the city, three individuals, each known by the nickname of “Whipping Tom,” carried out brief, minor reigns of terror against unsuspecting females. The distinctive moniker’s pretty much self-explanatory: from what scanty historical and journalistic records we can find, all three inflicted quick but undoubtedly painful corporal punishments on their victims. That is, spanking or whipping the unfortunate women’s buttocks. One supposes it’s a mercy that nobody thought to call any of the three ‘Jack the Whipper.’… 

    “The first Tom… personally intrigues me the most because, of the three, we know the absolute least about him. No information remains of where, specifically, he staged his spankings or of his ever being caught, but that he existed is evident from the one record that mentions him, a comparison between him and Tom II (“Whipping Tom Brought to Light and Exposed to View,” Anonymous, London, 1681): ‘Know then, that according to common Fame, [the current Whipping Tom] is of the Generation of that Whipping Tom, that about Nine years since proved such an enemy to the Milk-wenches’ Bums, and often times occasioned the Country Dames to hire a Guard for the security of their Posteriors; whose name so overawed Joan and Ciss that they durst not stir out after Candlelight to meet their Sweet-hearts, for fear of having an Alarum beaten upon their Tobies…’” 

Thus writes Felicia Culbertson Guthrie, heroine of Pink Flamingo Media’s “Switch” series who, with a little help from her friend Ardie Stallard, now takes pen in hand to write and offer up a novel of her own. Though not a factual account of the three historical figures known to us as “Whipping Tom,” her work is a plausible historical fiction piece of what COULD have happened. And who knows? Maybe it did! Edited by her husband, Joe Guthrie, and her friend “Ed” Edwards, in addition to Ardie Stallard’s contributions, it’s a spicy account of seventeenth-century adult spanking, both erotic and otherwise. Hold onto your toby, and take a read! 

The Book Viral Review

  • ASIN: ‎ B0C39LMJHD
  • Publisher: ‎ Pink Flamingo Media (21 April 2023)
  • Language: ‎ English
  • Print length: ‎ 207 pages
  • Genre: Erotic Literature & Fiction

The BookViral Review:
The mystery of Ardie Stallard continues in another superb BDSM offering, ‘Whipping Tom – The Terror Of The Milkmaid’s Bum’. With a tongue-in-cheek, wholly transparent delivery, Stallard mixes saucy desire with delicious irony, as we are taken on a racy journey which has its conception in three historical accounts of an equivalent sin-public non-consensual whipping of the backside! The ingenious plot connects these separate crimes and their resolution seamlessly, through the generations of one family.

Stallard’s wholly believable narrative captures the setting of Epping Forest and London Town perfectly, as does their representation of 18th Century British Society. Irrepressibly entertaining, one can imagine frolics in leafy glades as the protagonists explore the complicated negotiations of sexual desire in the fresh English countryside.

Stallard cleverly draws the line between titillating fun and self-serving and selfish depravity as characters negotiate their own diverse selections of rompish lovemaking, which come upon them wholly by chance, but are settled into unswervingly in their respective relationships, keeping bonds strong and sparks flying deep into middle age.

A stellar cast of characters breaching two generations echoes the innocent and fun element of dominance, while not drowning the cleverly constructed plot or reducing the characters to purely sexual beings. Combining the perspectives of each character, Stallard is true to each, subtly teasing out their personalities through their own words and actions. A refreshing openness explores the multi-faceted attraction of youth, whilst accepting flaws and deviations as part of life and the human psyche.

Particularly engaging are the feisty and fun Mother and daughter duo, Barbra and Margaret (Meg) whose relationship matures and blossoms as the story unfolds, and who unfailingly keep the ardour of their respective beau’s flowing in good measure, despite slightly indiscreet dalliances. The endearing and long-lasting relationship between Barbra and Will is a delight, as they unfailingly find themselves deeply connected both emotionally and sexually despite the ravages of circumstance and age.

Sensual and spicy- an amusing and vastly entertaining novel recommended for the frolicsome and open-minded.


Ardie Stallard lives quietly, deep in the Appalachian Mountains where switches are still cut, bullwhips and horsewhips are plaited, and time spent either in the barn or behind it can get interesting, depending on whom you’re spending the time with.

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