The past few years have been a wild ride for Felicia Rose Culbertson. At eighteen and a high school senior back in the Ozarks she was head cheerleader, sweetheart of the football team’s quarterback, and the school’s Homecoming Queen. Then on impulse she broke a school rule by kissing her boyfriend in public at the Homecoming ceremony. He abruptly abandoned her for being “bad luck,” the Principal paddled her for the kiss, and she was condemned and shunned by her home town—not because of either the kiss or the paddling, but rather that the Associated Press and the Internet spread her story across the world and made the entire town look foolish. Self-exiled from home and family to Memphis, she supported herself through almost three years of college as a professional Dominatrix. Finally she met a man she sensed she could—and wanted to—submit to. After a small dust-up involving reality versus Shakespearean fantasy they married, and live happily ever after.

Or do they?

In this third installment of the Switch series, Felicia finds herself in a West Memphis tattoo parlor run by vampires who prefer pints of blood to cash payments. If that’s not unsettling enough, she then discovers that her husband’s new job isn’t quite what it seems: rather than being a mere blood bank lab technician he’s actually the Chief Inspector of a clandestine bureau dispensing “legal” blood and justice to Memphis’ entire community of vampires. And all this before she has to help rescue three nieces from an attempted vampire kidnapping, introduces punishment spanking to the Memphis vampire community, meets the Count of Memphis and becomes his Dominatrix, and is declared Queen of the Damned (to vampires, life should imitate art, and they adore Anne Rice novels) by him and all his subjects. They love her. Madly. And that’s truly the operative word here.

So: how are Felicia and her beloved ever gonna get out of this one? If they do, that is?

You’re cordially invited to find out.

This book may be read as a stand-alone or as part of the Switch series.


Ardie Stallard lives quietly, deep in the Appalachian Mountains where switches are still cut, bullwhips and horsewhips are plaited, and time spent either in the barn or behind it can get interesting, depending on whom you’re spending the time with.

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