COMING SOON: WHIPPING TOM: Terror of Milkmaids’ Bums

 “Between 1672 and 1712 in London and at least two of the suburban or rural areas near the city, three individuals, each known by the nickname of “Whipping Tom,” carried out brief, minor reigns of terror against unsuspecting females. The distinctive moniker’s pretty much self-explanatory: from what scanty historical and journalistic records we can find, all three inflicted quick but undoubtedly painful corporal punishments on their victims. That is,Continue reading “COMING SOON: WHIPPING TOM: Terror of Milkmaids’ Bums”

SWITCH II: The Taming of the Switch

The adventures and misadventures of full-time college student and part-time Dominatrix/switch Felicia Culbertson continue in this sequel to Switch: A Tale of Spanking, BDSM, and Romance. Now in a serious relationship with Joe Guthrie, the Dominant she met almost by accident some months before and who helped to bring out her own submissive side, she discovers herContinue reading “SWITCH II: The Taming of the Switch”

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