THE STING OPERATION And Other Tails: Spanking Stories

From the pen of Ardie Stallard, author of Switch: A Tale of Spanking, BDSM, and Romance, comes a blush of fresh novelettes and short stories for the well-read who enjoy the thought of being well-red or at least well-reddening–specifically designed to make the reader feel warm, and warmed, in all the right places. Included are the stories of Miss Jordyn Hunter, a young, sexy DEA agent working undercover to infiltrate a Breaking Bad-style high-school drug selling operation and compelled to become a juvenile delinquent and bad girl to give credence to her disguise; Samantha, a thoroughly good, well-behaved, mannerly, intelligent girl who by chance discovers more than a few pleasures in occasionally being naughty and then receiving discipline for it; Christie, who seems always able to wind up across the laps, or the chairs–or for that matter, the pool tables–of her favorite friends; Elena, a college basketball star well-due for a good comeuppance; Lady Molly, who could give any British aristocrat lessons in bad manners and who learns a valuable lesson from a heavy-handed servant; and finally Felicia Culbertson, Joe Guthrie, and the rest of the cast of Switch, in a short-story-long sequel to the novel–which serves, as well, as a prequel to their further adventures and misadventures. 


Ardie Stallard lives quietly, deep in the Appalachian Mountains where switches are still cut, bullwhips and horsewhips are plaited, and time spent either in the barn or behind it can get interesting, depending on whom you’re spending the time with.

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