COMING SOON: WHIPPING TOM: Terror of the Milkmaid’s Bum

 “Between 1672 and 1712 in London and at least two of the suburban or rural areas near the city, three individuals, each known by the nickname of “Whipping Tom,” carried out brief, minor reigns of terror against unsuspecting females. The distinctive moniker’s pretty much self-explanatory: from what scanty historical and journalistic records we can find, all three inflicted quick but undoubtedly painful corporal punishments on their victims. That is, spanking or whipping the unfortunate women’s buttocks. One supposes it’s a mercy that nobody thought to call any of the three ‘Jack the Whipper.’… 

    “The first Tom… personally intrigues me the most because, of the three, we know the absolute least about him. No information remains of where, specifically, he staged his spankings or of his ever being caught, but that he existed is evident from the one record that mentions him, a comparison between him and Tom II (“Whipping Tom Brought to Light and Exposed to View,” Anonymous, London, 1681): ‘Know then, that according to common Fame, [the current Whipping Tom] is of the Generation of that Whipping Tom, that about Nine years since proved such an enemy to the Milk-wenches’ Bums, and often times occasioned the Country Dames to hire a Guard for the security of their Posteriors; whose name so overawed Joan and Ciss that they durst not stir out after Candlelight to meet their Sweet-hearts, for fear of having an Alarum beaten upon their Tobies…’” 

Thus writes Felicia Culbertson Guthrie, heroine of Pink Flamingo Media’s “Switch” series who, with a little help from her friend Ardie Stallard, now takes pen in hand to write and offer up a novel of her own. Though not a factual account of the three historical figures known to us as “Whipping Tom,” her work is a plausible historical fiction piece of what COULD have happened. And who knows? Maybe it did! Edited by her husband, Joe Guthrie, and her friend “Ed” Edwards, in addition to Ardie Stallard’s contributions, it’s a spicy account of seventeenth-century adult spanking, both erotic and otherwise. Hold onto your toby, and take a read! 


The past few years have been a wild ride for Felicia Rose Culbertson. At eighteen and a high school senior back in the Ozarks she was head cheerleader, sweetheart of the football team’s quarterback, and the school’s Homecoming Queen. Then on impulse she broke a school rule by kissing her boyfriend in public at the Homecoming ceremony. He abruptly abandoned her for being “bad luck,” the Principal paddled her for the kiss, and she was condemned and shunned by her home town—not because of either the kiss or the paddling, but rather that the Associated Press and the Internet spread her story across the world and made the entire town look foolish. Self-exiled from home and family to Memphis, she supported herself through almost three years of college as a professional Dominatrix. Finally she met a man she sensed she could—and wanted to—submit to. After a small dust-up involving reality versus Shakespearean fantasy they married, and live happily ever after.

Or do they?

In this third installment of the Switch series, Felicia finds herself in a West Memphis tattoo parlor run by vampires who prefer pints of blood to cash payments. If that’s not unsettling enough, she then discovers that her husband’s new job isn’t quite what it seems: rather than being a mere blood bank lab technician he’s actually the Chief Inspector of a clandestine bureau dispensing “legal” blood and justice to Memphis’ entire community of vampires. And all this before she has to help rescue three nieces from an attempted vampire kidnapping, introduces punishment spanking to the Memphis vampire community, meets the Count of Memphis and becomes his Dominatrix, and is declared Queen of the Damned (to vampires, life should imitate art, and they adore Anne Rice novels) by him and all his subjects. They love her. Madly. And that’s truly the operative word here.

So: how are Felicia and her beloved ever gonna get out of this one? If they do, that is?

You’re cordially invited to find out.

This book may be read as a stand-alone or as part of the Switch series.

SWITCH II: The Taming of the Switch

The adventures and misadventures of full-time college student and part-time Dominatrix/switch Felicia Culbertson continue in this sequel to Switch: A Tale of Spanking, BDSM, and Romance. Now in a serious relationship with Joe Guthrie, the Dominant she met almost by accident some months before and who helped to bring out her own submissive side, she discovers her new partner has a submissive alter ego she didn’t even know he possessed–but even so, submission Joe-style is a variant that would challenge the outlook and tax the nerves of even the most patient Domme and it almost always leaves her wondering exactly who’s on Top at any given moment, him or her. With Joe’s emotional and financial support she’s ready to step back from her off-campus livelihood and face her final semester of college head-on, concentrating on academics and doing her best to catch up on all the experiences she missed out on while she made a living as “Lady Antonia.” But as one might expect, she’s at the age for some growing pains as well. When she successfully auditions for the part of Katharine in her college’s production of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew, she finds herself leading lady to a young actor as handsome as Joe, but even more obnoxious than the character Petruchio. Both he and the actress portraying Katharine’s sister Bianca become smitten with her, and let her know it in no uncertain terms. How far would “too far” be in leading “Petruchio” and “Bianca” on, enjoying a little lighthearted romantic, erotic D/s horseplay like a proper college girl should, and yet still remaining committed to Joe–who, by the way, winds up being thrown into a few incidents and accidents of his own that challenge his relationship to Felicia? Which Shakespearean maxim will prove to be the most true for the couple, all’s well that ends well, or that life is a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and is heard no more? There’s only one way to find out: open the book, turn the page, and… The which if you with patient ears attend, What here shall miss, our toil shall strive to mend.

THE STING OPERATION And Other Tails: Spanking Stories

From the pen of Ardie Stallard, author of Switch: A Tale of Spanking, BDSM, and Romance, comes a blush of fresh novelettes and short stories for the well-read who enjoy the thought of being well-red or at least well-reddening–specifically designed to make the reader feel warm, and warmed, in all the right places. Included are the stories of Miss Jordyn Hunter, a young, sexy DEA agent working undercover to infiltrate a Breaking Bad-style high-school drug selling operation and compelled to become a juvenile delinquent and bad girl to give credence to her disguise; Samantha, a thoroughly good, well-behaved, mannerly, intelligent girl who by chance discovers more than a few pleasures in occasionally being naughty and then receiving discipline for it; Christie, who seems always able to wind up across the laps, or the chairs–or for that matter, the pool tables–of her favorite friends; Elena, a college basketball star well-due for a good comeuppance; Lady Molly, who could give any British aristocrat lessons in bad manners and who learns a valuable lesson from a heavy-handed servant; and finally Felicia Culbertson, Joe Guthrie, and the rest of the cast of Switch, in a short-story-long sequel to the novel–which serves, as well, as a prequel to their further adventures and misadventures. 


Twenty-one-year-old Felicia Rose Culbertson is a college student working part-time as a professional Dominatrix. Though she maintains a marked degree of emotional distance from her customers, she’s dedicated to doing a good job always and her clients keep coming back. She came to the profession with the advice and assistance of an older, more experienced Dominatrix, originally hoping to use it as a means of coping and coming to terms with an extremely traumatic and humiliating event she experienced when she was only eighteen and a senior in high school: she had been intimidated by a coach to consent to a disciplinary paddling from her school principal. The resulting media attention, both social and otherwise, has resulted in her community almost totally ostracizing her. Though she’s left for the big city and feels she can never go home again, she’s a confident Dominatrix three years later–but her feeling of satisfaction with the profession is only transitory. She still suffers from anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder, and feels as if she’s missing out on something she may be afraid to admit, even to herself…
Until one warm spring evening, when she accepts an “outcall” from a posh hotel not far from her apartment and she meets a “client” of the sort she never expected–much less than he ever expected to run into a girl like her. A bit of hilarity due to a practical joke and mistaken identity ensue, but as the evening progresses, Felicia discovers that not all males calling themselves Dominants are cut from the same cloth– not to mention realizing a few possibilities she’s been missing and an aspect of her personality she may never have quite accepted, until tonight…